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The Mechanism of Glucose Oxidase Enzyme and Its Effect on the Growth of Probiotic Bacteria in Dairy Products

Objective: Functional dairy products which have proper environment for growth of probiotic bacteria, show positive effects on intestinal microbiota and immune system with their regular consumption. The health-promoting benefits of probiotic products are provided by preserving a certain number of bacterial viability during shelf life. For this reason, the addition of glucose oxidase enzyme is one [...]

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A Critical Process Step Affecting Flour Quality in Wheat Milling: Tempering

Objective: The quality of wheat flour depends on the characteristics of the wheat(s) used in its production and the processing steps applied in the production of the wheat flour. In flour milling, tempering, which is the last process step applied to the wheat before the milling process, has a vital role in wheat processing technology. With [...]

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Aroma Formation and Aroma Profile in Cheesees and Traditional Turkish Dolaz Type Cheese

Objective: Traditional Dolaz cheese, which has high biological value, in the main contains whey in its composition. During the production of this cheese, which has a dark yellow or light brown color, the Maillard reaction takes place. Formation of aldehydes and aldehyde derivatives at low levels by Maillard reaction; It contributes to the unique aroma profile [...]

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Investigation of Some Quality Parameters in Cucumber Pickles Prepared by Different Types of Vinegars

Objective: In this study, the effect of vinegar type on some properties of pickled cucumber during fermentation was investigated. Marerials and methods: The types of vinegars used are rice, pomegranate, mulberry and grape, and the properties of these vinegars were determined through acidity, dry matter and ash analyses. Afterwards, acidity, salt, microbiological, textural and sensory analyzes [...]

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Determination of Ozone Gas Effectiveness as Antifungal Agent

Objective: Molds and yeasts which are predominant microorganisms in the air of food facility, contaminate foods through airborne and cause microbial spoilage. In addition to their adverse effects on food quality, molds produce mycotoxins which have toxic effects on humans and animals. Nowadays, ozone (O3) applications appear as a green technology used mold prevention and detoxification [...]

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Determination of the Fatty Acid Profile of Some Functional Edible Flowers by Gas Chromatography-Flame Ionization Detector (GC-FID)

Objective: The functional product market is constantly growing as a result of the increased awareness of the relationship between consumed food and health. In this context, edible flowers attract more and more attention with its nutritional values and bioactive components. In this study, its aimed to investigate the fatty acid profile of marigold and gillyflower varieties, [...]